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FORIS - Social Science Research Information System

The FORIS database offers descriptions of social science research projects carried out in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. FORIS users can retrieve database resources by doing their own searches via different media. In addition, upon special customer request, the Social Science Information Centre provides searches in databases around the world.
The basis for information capture is a central FORIS survey on research projects conducted both via mail and via the wordwide web.

  • Overview: 
Subject coverage, contents and updates, example, information sources 
  • Searches: 
www-server of the IZ (projects carried out during the last three years)

Hosts: STN, DIMDI, GBI (general information, addresses/accessibility), prices


IZ search service
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  • Support for searches:
Social science classification (sub-disciplines, interdisciplinary subject areas)
List of methods
Thesaurus for the Social Sciences and other user aids
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  • Information & consultation: 
  • FORIS-survey: 
Central survey of research projects in the Federal Republic of Germany

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