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Access to information from FORIS on the www-server of the IZ

This selection from the FORIS database provides information on about 14,000 social science research projects carried out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland during the last three years. Further projects will be accumulated gradually. The project descriptions are directly searchable via a search form (de).

Updating of the descriptions: In cases where you wish to modify or expand the reference to your research, please let us know, as long as you are a social scientist in Germany. Social scientists in Austria or Switzerland should contact SOWIS in Vienna or, respectively SIDOS in Neuch�tel, who take care of the country-specific databases. Where alterations are requested, we would ask that, at the moment - for reasons of data protection - you print out the project description and note on this printed version any corrections or extensions and then either post or fax it to us.

Reports on newer projects from Germany: We would be pleased if you could inform us as soon as possible about your own research work. As part of the survey of social science research and development projects, we have placed a form on the internet, which you are free to complete at any time.

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