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Social science classification for FORIS and SOLIS

The research projects and publications stored in the databases FORIS and SOLIS are assigned to at least one sub-discipline (e.g. family sociology, organisational sociology, etc.) or to an interdisciplinary subject area (e.g. women's studies, gerontology) taken from the social science classification. The classification scheme was implemented identically in 1996 for both databases, and then applied retrospectively to earlier years. Codes and text (in German and English as well as in German with explanations) are available here directly or can be ordered at no cost from IZ.


Social Sciences Science of Communication
Sociology   Economics 
Demography  Social Policy 
Ethnology  Interdisciplinary fields of the Social Sciences 
Political Science  Humanities 
Education and Pedagogics  Legal Science and Administrative Science 
Psychology  Science 

GESIS Michael Kluck 1999-06-11