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Access to FORIS and SOLIS via hosts

FORIS and SOLIS are both available via three hosts each of them using a specific command language and providing a different 'database environment':

- STN International (focus on technical and scientific databases)
- DIMDI (focus on medical databases)
- GBI (focus on economic databases).

FORIS and SOLIS are as well accessible on the hosts' www-server.

General information
Access to the online databases FORIS and SOLIS via hosts comes with the guarantee that the entire up-to-date contents of both databases is accessible in an information search. Database searches resp. the database output are liable for the costs. So, the precondition for access to all hosts (including their web servers) is that you have got an access authorisation which one receives on application from the hosts. The authorisation allows access to all available online databases held by the host - usually not less than a hundred or more from different subject areas. This offers a unique possibility, with a single search strategy, to combine information from many relevant databases.

STN International - the Scientific & Technical Information Network - is operated co-operatively by the Fachinformationszentrum (FIZ) Karlsruhe, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) of the American Chemical Society, and the Japan Information Center of Science and Technology, and is one of the largest database providers in the field of science and technology. The main focus in its contents is natural science and technical databases, but there are also multidisciplinary databases providing research as well as bibliographic information, plus a series of databases on specialised topics, which contain information highly relevant to the social sciences, for example the database on technology assessment, energy research, medicine/health, the environment, environmental planning and urban development.
The command language for searches in all STN databases is MESSENGER - also for searches via "STN on the web". In addition the network provides web access to selected key databases with "STN Easy".

DIMDI (Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information - German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information)
As is already apparent in the name of the institute, the main emphasis for this host is on medical databases, but there are also international social science databases such as Sociological Abstracts, Social Scisearch and PsycInfo as well as databases produced in Germany such as Psyndex on which German-language psychological literature can be found.
The command language for searches in the DIMDI databases is GRIPS.
Web access to DIMDI databases, including FORIS and SOLIS, is given as well via "grips-WebSearch".

GBI (Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaftliche Information - German Business Information )
The main focus of the GBI host is databases for business and management with information on German and international businesses, products and market studies as well as databases with economic and social science information.
The command language for searches in all GBI databases is AOS. In addition the databases can be searched via www.

Host addresses/Access

Information searches in the databases via hosts are liable for the costs and requires a valid access authorisation. Should you require such an authorisation, please contact the relevant host directly via telephone, fax or e-mail.

QuickSearch in SOLIS + FORIS(Searches and title lists are free of charges; display of records with complete bibliographic information and abstract are liable for the costs)

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