Peace Research Information Unit Bonn (PRIUB)

The Arbeitsstelle Friedensforschung Bonn(AFB)/Peace Research Information Unit Bonn (PRIUB) is a national and international advice, information, and service centre covering the whole field of research into peace and conflict. It puts scholars and institutions in touch with one another; it provides information on the organizations, concerns, and findings of peace and conflict research; it organizes discussion groups and work groups on specific topics; it provides those wishing to set up projects with advice on both technicalities and subject matter; and it provides back-up in the presentation of research findings and academic publications. The AFB/PRIUB produces a twice-yearly newsletter "AFB-INFO", in German and English, and occasional publications in the "AFB-TEXTE"-series. These deal with basic issues of peace and conflict research and peace education. The AFB also acts as a channel of communication between academic research and practical politics.

AFB Peace Research Index

The AFB Peace Research Index is based on a continuous survey of institutions and individual scholars involved in peace and conflict research. It lists over 350 organizations/institutions, with details of their areas of concern and useful information about their infrastructure. The appropriate questionnaire can be downloaded at:

Further details about the Peace Research Index may be obtained at any time at the following e-mail address: (Anna Waelder)


Dr. Regine Mehl
Acting Director
Peace Research Information Unit Bonn (PRIUB)
Beethovenallee 4
D-53173 Bonn
Tel.: +49 (228) 356032
Fax : +49 (228) 356050
[email protected] (Contents, general informations)
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[email protected] (Anna Waelder: Peace Research Index, International addresses)
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[email protected] (Dr. Anselm Verbeek: library, documentation)


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